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Kindergarten Readiness – Teach Your Child To Write Her Name

on May 18, 2014


One of the skills a child is expected to know in kindergarten is how to write his name. Here are a few tips when you teach your child to write his name:

Teach letter orientation. Have your child trace his name over and over before you ever try writing it. This trains the brain how to form the letter, which will make things easier when a pencil goes into the hand to write.  Be sure to teach the correct way to form the letter ~ top to bottom, left to write.  For fun, put shaving cream in a ziplock bag and let your child write letters with his finger.

With pencil in hand, practice on plain paperImage


Transition to handwriting paper. Teach your child about the different lines ~ top, dotted, and base. The first letter should touch the top line and go to the bottom or base line. All other letters stay between the dotted line and base line.  It takes a while for a child to place the letters correctly on the lines. Practice, praise, and patience. 🙂

Practice one letter at a time. This builds proficiency more quickly than trying to teach all letters of the name at the same time.

Start with tracing dotted line letters. When your child is confident with tracing the letter, put a “start dot” to show where to begin forming the letter, but no dotted lines. If they don’t do well, go back to tracing. Just keep practicing until they get it.

Praise, Praise, Praise. Praise every jot and tittle done with good effort. A child’s writing is an expression of himself. It’s easier to keep trying with encouragement and approval.

Here are some pictures I took of some work I did with a child a couple of weeks ago. This picture shows the first “A” Ayden made. It was a hump, started at the bottom ~ you can tell if you look closely. We then practiced a lot of “A’s” (above). I wrote some and had him trace them. I put start dots to give him a place to start forming the letter. The next picture shows how he wrote his name at the beginning of our lesson (he erased and corrected his “A” after he learned the correct formation) and how he wrote it by the time we were done.


I’d say that was great progress for one sitting! A testimony to the effectiveness of one-on-one focused instruction!

Happy Day!


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Yes, you can teach your child to read!

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Yes, you can teach your child to read!

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